Sunflower oil

Brand: NaturManufaktur

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Pure, refined sunflower oil. Minimum order quantity: 1 Carton in the tab

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Packaging unit/minimum order quantity
  1L 5L
Primary Packaging 1 Bottle x 1L 1 Bottle x 5L
Secondary Packaging 1 Carton x 15 Bottles: 15L 1 Carton x 3 Bottles (3 x 5L): 15L
Tertiary Packaging 1 Pallet x 45 Boxes (675 Bottles): 675L 1 Pallet x 44 Boxes (132 Bottles x 5L): 660L
Minimum order quantity 1 Pallet (675L) 1 Pallet (660L)


Specification 1L

Specification 5L

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